5 hours in Rome

Today I’m returning to Valencia for Las Fallas and I really couldn’t be more excited!

However my flight to Valencia isn’t until 9pm so I decided to spend the afternoon in Rome. Sara, my housemate in Valencia during 1st semester, studies in Rome and she offered to give me a tour around Rome on her moped.

This morning I took the FlixBus from Piazza Umbria Jazz at 11:50 arriving in Roma Tiburtina at 14:05. From there I took the 168 bus towards the stadio olimpico roma where Sara met me.

Arriving at 15:00 Sara and I had an hour and a half to eat and Sara showed me around the area near her flat. For lunch I got to try a Rome speciality, soft bread in a triangle filled with meat and sauce, it was amazing!

Having never been on a moped before, I was pretty nervous, especially when you take into account that we were going to be driving through the hectic roads in Rome! Not only that but Sara had my cabin suitcase balanced between her legs!

However within 5 minutes I loved it and was having the time of my life! I definitely want to rent one when I visit other big cities in Italy!

At 16:30 I went with Sara to a sports centre where she runs an after school sports club for 5-6 year olds. During the hour long club, we played football and basketball and it was a lovely experience to do something completely different to what I expected to do in Rome!

After the club we had an hour and a half before I needed to be on the bus to Ciampino Airport! So in true Lizzie McGuire style we got back on the moped and Sara took me on a whirlwind tour of Rome, we passed all the sights (I think) and we stopped for a short time in the Vatican but the hour and a half was mostly spent with me attempting to take pictures and videos without falling off!

I can honestly say today has been my best day so far in Italy and I can’t wait to come back to Rome for a weekend and visit everything properly! I also realised today that my Italian is improving as Sara and I chatted in Italian for most of the day, and where my Italian failed me we spoke in Spanish!

A presto!

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