Enrollment at UNIPG

I briefly touched on this in my ‘Arriving in Perugia’ blog post. Enrolling at UNIPG was nothing like enrolling at NTU or UV. In fact, it was pretty unorganised and most Erasmus students have spent the last couple of months wondering if we ever actually completed enrolment.

I arrived in Perugia with no contact from UNIPG other than one email which had my learning agreement attached and a subject of ‘you have been accepted at UNIPG’. I had no idea when classes started, where or how I needed to enrol or basically what I had to do once I got off the plane at Perugia airport. Obviously not the start you want in a new country, but it does give you the opportunity to speak to every single Erasmus student you come across and ask what the hell is going on.

The one other email I had received from UNIPG prior to my arrival was an email from CLA, which is the foreign language faculty of UNIPG, they offer A1-C2 courses in languages for UNIPG students along with Italian courses for Erasmus students. They offered an intensive course before the start of term from 1st -21st February, where there was 3 hours of class, 5 days a week for 3 weeks. Having arrived on 3rd February I had already missed a couple of classes and when I did attend from Monday 6th February I realised that the 10-1 timeslot everyday was quite unhelpful as the International and Erasmus office along with other offices such as the agenzia delle entrate and the ADISU for the mensa card had timetables of usually 9/10-1 meaning that during the first couple of weeks I would have been unable to do anything other than attend the CLA course.
Because of this, after the first week, I let the teachers of the CLA course that I would no longer be attending but I was interested in the 4 hours per week course that started in March.

After quitting the CLA course I decided to hunt down the international office so I could enrol at UNIPG; all you need is a photocopy of your passport and 2/3 passport photos along with the enrolment form they give you at the office. Once you’ve handed these things in, you’re enrolled. Bit confusing as you have no checking of your modules, no student card etc. but they are very efficient!
The only thing you’re given is a little booklet with information on your buddy that has been assigned to all Erasmus students in your faculty and how to find the ADISU office to buy your Mensa card in order to eat in the university canteen.

To find the International/Erasmus Office you want to go into Piazza Univerista’ and walk towards the main university office buildings, just before you go in there should be a staircase outside on the left, go down there and turn right at the bottom on the staircase, there’s another staircase and go down there, turn right at the bottom, and the building that is currently on your right is the right place. There should be a white door on your right which has the international student mobility offices. There’s also arrows all over the courtyard directing you which way to go.
Once you’re inside the building, turn right and the last office on your right should have the head of international mobility in there.
Alessandra Tunno – International Student Mobility Office
TUNNO Alessandra
Qualifica: Personale Tecnico Amministrativo
Area: Amministrativa
Telefono: 0755855173
Fax: 0755852352
Email: alessandra.tunno@unipg.it
Struttura: Ufficio mobilita’ studenti, Area relazioni internazionali, Direzione generale

Sonia Trinari – Head of International Relations Area
Università degli Studi di Perugia
Piazza dell’Università n. 1
06123 Perugia (Italy)
Tel.: +39 075 585 2106
Fax: +39 075 585 2352

A couple of weeks after the start of the semester, UNIPG had a welcome meeting for all of the Erasmus students. It did seem a little late as we had already had the ESN welcome week and by this point, most Erasmus students had been in Perugia for 2-4 weeks. However, at the end of the meeting we were each given our student cards so its definitely worth going.
During the meeting the buddies introduce themselves and let us know which faculty they belonged to. We were given a little bit of information about Erasmus at UNIPG and the university in general along with information about the Mensa and the Umbria region.
After the meeting, we had a free food event at 100dieci which was really good and also gave us the opportunity to meet Erasmus students that we hadn’t met before.

Enrolment at UNIPG wasn’t as organised as UV or NTU however it was all completed and if you ask other students around you, it’s possible to work everything out with a little bit of time!


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