Lago Trasimeno

On Saturday 1st April I went to Lago Trasmieno with Matilda and two of her friends from home. When visiting Perugia, Lago Trasmieno is pretty much one of the only things to do in an around Perugia, alongside visiting the chocolate factory and Assisi!

After a pretty late night and a very hungover morning we took the train to Castiglione del Lago, it’s just over an hour with a change at Trentola-Cortona. It costs 4.75€ each way.

The other way to get to the lake is to go to Passignano sul Trasimeno that takes about half an hour and costs 3.30€ however there isn’t as much there compared to Castiglione del Lago. However it is a cheaper option to get the boat to Isola Maggiore, one of the islands on the lake.

Once we arrived at the train station it was a 20 minute walk up to the centro storico where there is a castle, shops, cafes and restuarants along with a view point of the lake. We took a walk around the old wall and headed down the hill to the lake where we walked around trying to find the ‘beach’, we didn’t find it in the end but we did find the little dock where you can get the boat to the Isola Maggiore which has a park next to it, and we also found an abandoned petrol station for the boats which was eerie!

We took with us some food and a blanket and had a picnic on the grass before heading back to the trainstation. As Perugia is so far from the coast, a day trip to Trasimeno is a lovely day out and its also a great opportunity to go hiking or just for a little walk!

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