Day trip to Assisi.

On Friday 28th April, I took a day trip to Assisi, I took the 3 p.m. train from Perugia as we had all gone out the night before and I ran into a few other Erasmus students on the train.

Once we arrived in Assisi we took the bus to the city centre and starting visiting the insane amount of churches!

Assisi isn’t far from Perugia and it only takes half an hour by train. Assisi is famous because it is the birthplace of St Francis, one of the most famous saints in catholic church history and is the person the current pope named himself after. It’s also said that St Francis invented the Nativity scene that we see nowadays.

Some of the churches that we visited were;

  • Basilica of San Francesco d’Assisi
  • Chiesa Nuova – It was built in 1615 on the supposed birthplace of St Francis
  • Cathedral of San Rufino (Assisi Cathedral)
  • Abbazia di S. Pietro
  • San Damiano

I transferred all of the photos onto my phone before I looked to see what church each of them were taken in so now I don’t have a clue!

We also walked up to the castle at the very top of the hill, Rocca Maggiore. The Rocca Maggiore is one of two medival castles in Assisi. We were able to look around the castle ruins and walk up one of the towers where we were able to see the amazing views of Assisi and the countryside.

From the castle, we walked back to the bus stop that took us to the train station to take up back to Perugia.

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